Reaction Simulation was founded on a passion to improve airline distance learning effectiveness

The company was started by long-time airline captain Jeff Goin. His background includes software development, 30+ years of flying airliners, creating training content in various disciplines, and most importantly, being passionate about helping humans learn effectively.

After developing flight dynamics for a VR simulator, he realized how much power also lurked in the tablets ALREADY carried by most pilots. They could do so much more.

His attention turned towards airline training.

He put together a passionate, talented team to develop the most effective training possible using today’s tools.

We strive to make a difference. These tools can reduce expensive training time while improving results on the line. Our vision is to provide fully self-guided, self-contained training that allows pilots to master their flows, procedures, and emergencies before starting instructor-led training. It’s a vision that can both reduce costs and improve outcomes in line-operational events.

Safety is always a balance of risk mitigation versus cost. Cold as that may sound, it is our reality. Our hope is that some choices can be made with minimum cost and maximum benefit. It’s not practical to do everything in full motion, 20 million dollar simulators. Reaction Simulation aims to provide a revolutionary change to that metric while reducing cost.