Our tools let pilots learn responses to situations that are frequently not included in full-motion simulator programs. More importantly, they practice those responses until reaching competence. They hear the sounds, see the sights, then respond with the right decisions and actions.

Your own procedures and standards are used to improve results both on the line and in training.

Pilots, like anyone, learn best by doing. The power of our app comes in several ways.

• All procedures are initially self-guided.
• Next, pilots get to practice, in real-time, but still with guidance.
• Finally, pilots get to test themselves in real-time with nothing but the scenario presented.
• Variations force pilots down decision trees they otherwise don’t get to practice.

Using company-required iPads, or a virtual reality (VR) headset, pilots are placed in a 3D cockpit based on their aircraft where relevant controls and indications work. They react to scenarios or tasks that must be performed in real time using your company’s procedures. Sights and sounds appear as allowed by the platform.

The available VR element adds exercising muscle memory in the same self-guided format.

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