Cockpit Flow Trainer

It’s like having a sim instructor in the iPad.


Cockpit Flow Trainer  first guides the pilot through each major step in a cockpit flow, with descriptive text that explains what should be done. Appropriate controls are set and results checked as necessary. Turning on a hydraulic pump? The pilot is directed to then check that pressure came up, tapping the pressure guage to show that it was checked.


Once a pilot is getting through the flow in the proper order and at a normal pace, he/she can select “Test Yourself” and go through it without any prompts. An assesment is provided at the end if there are any errors.


Some tasks require a response where the pilot must choose an option. For example, after setting a control, they tap on the value it affects. They may get a dialogue box with 3 choices and must choose one. Tapping on the fuel quantity, for example. If this is the cockpit prep, and they’re looking at fuel, if fuel is below release amount, it will offer choices on what to do.


Depending on settings, errors can be introduced into the process where pilots must respond correctly. For example, after hydraulics are turned on, they must look at and tap on the pressure gauge. They will then have to tap on one of 3 choices, like “1. Value is within limits, 2. Value is out of limits but dispatchable, 3. Value is out of limits, call Tech Ops.” This verbiage is chosen by your airline.


Once the last step is completed, the pilot taps on “Checklist” and it proceeds to read the checklist outloud. The pilot taps on the correct response while also saying it outloud.