Cabin Crew Trainer

It’s like having an instructor in the iPad.


Cabin Crew Trainer is built on the same foundation as the Pilot Response Trainer. It uses sights and sounds to help induce—and allow reacting to—a variety of situations. The platform allows scenarios to be crafted relatively quickly according to your company’s procedures.


When performing a simulation, crew member decisions are based and graded based on random events just like in real life. They must make decisions based on what they see and hear. Do they hear “Remain Seated” from the cockpit? Or do they hear “Aircraft right side only, evacuate, evacuate evacuate!” The correct actions of opening checking, then opening the door, and/or blocking the exit must then be performed.


More mundane but equally important tasks are presented, like cabin preflight for each position. Understanding that different flight attendant positions have preflight duties, we model those and present reportable proglems. They observe problems and report them as per company procedure by tapping (or touching VR) a selection.

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Learn Mode

In Learn Mode they'll go through a scenario that provides instructions on what to do, with highlights, then waits for a response. Once a step is complete, the next step flashes with instructions where the action must be performed.

Practice Mode

Once they're doing well, they move to Practice Mode where the hints and flashing still show, but each step must be completed within a prescribed time. Otherwise, a message offers where they went wrong and offers to restart or exit.

Test Yourself

The final mode for a given scenario is Test Yourself where there are no hints, and once the stimulus occurs (command, internal or external situation) they have a maximum time to make the right decision then execute it correctly.

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