About Us

The company was started by long-time airline captain Jeff Goin, whose passion for education expressed itself first with the best-selling book on paramotor flying: the Powered Paragliding Bible, now in its 5th edition. He also produced a series of training videos that were heavy with 3D animation, and more recently wrote the book Paraglider and Paramotor Instructor. Most relevantly, he wrote flight dynamics to capture the unusual pendular behavior of a fully articulating paramotor simulator, one of which is running in the EAA’s museum at Oshkosh, WI.

It models the weird pendular behavior of paramotor flight so students can learn to compensate before diverging into a crash. It had become clear that live rehearsal was the best way to have confidence in student reactions but there was no off-the-shelf code to pull it off. There is now.


In early 2019 he dramatically improved that flight code to use better physics and allow full, realistic action in all three axis. You could go upside down if you timed it like a skilled paramotor pilot.


That experience, and the Boeing Max tragedies of 2019, sparked a realization that we needed to do more with how airline pilots learn and practice responses to time-critical scenarios. Reaction Simulation was born.


Jeff wrote the initial simulator in 2019 then founded a company and hired high-end talent to help bring it all together in what became an all-out effort to extract the iPad’s full potential. There is so much there.


Safety is always a balance of risk mitigation versus cost. Cold as that may sound, it is our reality. If we make flying too expensive, we sentence people to their far-more-dangerous cars. We make choices. Our hope is that some choices can be made with minimum cost and maximum benefit. It’s not practical to do everything in full motion, 20 million dollar simulators. Reaction Simulation aims to provide a revolutionary change to that metric.